It was unreal

Date Submitted: 09/14/2010
Author Info: Abigail (Fenton - USA) 
Occupation: Student
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No
Knew someone who perished?: Yes

I was 6 when it happened. I was in my first grade class, and I remember the principal coming in and telling the teacher that he needed to talk to her, and she went out into the hallway, and us at first graders all went oooooo like she was in trouble and we heard her start crying in the hallway and then she came back and she was crying, and we didn’t know what to think, all we knew is our teacher and our principal were both standing there crying. About 30 minutes after that my dad showed up to pick me up from school earlier and he was at the door in the classroom and he had tears in his eyes, and I remember that because my dad never cried and he always looked put together and in his suit and everything, but that day he looked tiered and worn out, and like he aged 20 years since I saw him that morning, but then he came up to me and he picked me up and the teacher said I’m so sorry to my dad and my dad just started crying and then he was like I love you baby girl. And we left. And we had to go pick up my cousin from school and I walked into his school and we went into the office and they had the tv on and I saw it, I saw the towers there burning and my dad told me not to look and I told my dad thats a scary movie and he just looked at me and got teary eyed again, and was like yeah its very scary. And then we went to my uncles and my whole family was there and the tv was on and I remember saying look daddy there watching the same movie! And after that I just remember everyone crying and everyone trying to explain to me that my mom wasn’t coming back from her trip to new york, and that it wasn’t a movie and that it was real and that my mommy was in the towers. I also remember getting the call from my mom saying she couldn’t get out and that she loved us and I remember her telling me all this stuff about how much she loved me and I remember a loud noise and her screaming and then watching the tower fall on tv. I am now only 15, but I finally understand what happened. At first I just thought bad people ran planes into big buildings and killed my mom. I think that that day will stay with me forever, especially since every year they play the video on tv, it takes me right back to that day.


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