Let’s go home….

Date Submitted: 02/20/2005
Author Info: Diane (Lapwai, ID - USA) 
Occupation: Administrative
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No
Knew someone who perished?: No

I worked in White Plains, New York in Westchester County for a Title Company at the time. Commuted from Orange County to work everyday and go across the Tappan Zee Bridge. I was rushing off to bring my daughter to preschool, the other caught her bus, running late as usual..was about to turn off my daughters TV and saw the first broadcast of the first plane hit, just as other stories I’ve read, thought it was a small commuter plane, felt bad but turned off the television and drove off…While getting closer to the bridge, listened to the devestating news and realized why traffic was even more slow, but slow going into Westchester County and going out. Then I looked down the Hudson River, seen the large cloud of smoke, my usual sight was the Twin Towers, and GW Bridge in the distance but nothing, just grey..why I continued to drive to work? Don’t know, didn’t want to get into trouble, everyone was there scared and huddled together, we were all close like family and then said, “If we are under attack, I don’t want to be here typing title policies…”

We all hugged and lastly said “Love you, get home safe”, then my main concern was, I need to get home to my kids and husband. It took awhile to get home, people were driving in their cars with no expression on there face, just blank, I’m sure wondering if their families are going meet again and safe. I picked up my preschool daughter, my 4th grade daughter was still in school and the principal said he wanted to wait til 12:00 to have an early release because he didn’t want the children to panic, but if we wanted to pick them up, that was fine. I lived only a minute or so from the school, so I let her ride the bus home. I am Native American, originally from Idaho, so of course, I received a call from my parents, making sure I am safe and the many phone calls they received from other people I grew up with on the reservation. When people hear you live in New York, their vision is that it is in Manhattan. My sister lives in White Plains, but she commutes to New Jersey, so I knew she was across the way and was okay.

I believe if God has his plan for me to go, that is fine. Now with me living back here on the Indian Reservation in Idaho, I feel somewhat safe, but with my sister and In-law’s still over there, I still worry, but they have all accepted Jesus Christ as their savior and may have the same thoughts as I. I just know I will never forget the sight from the Tappan Zee bridge and the horror the many people felt, I feel for them and the children who has lost a family member.


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