Losing John

Date Submitted: 08/24/2002
Author Info: Kelli (Palm Beach Gardens, FL - USA) 
Occupation: Student
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No
Knew someone who perished?: Yes

On 9/11, it started out like any other day. it was a half day at my school in southern florida, and the first 2 periods went by fast. when i was going to my 5th hour class, i knew something was up, cuz usually days when i had my English teacher last year went by really slow. so when i got into my 5th hour class, my teacher said “we need to put the tv on, something important is going on!” so i went and sat down in my desk, and waited to see what was going on. when he turned the tv on, i saw one of the twin towers on fire. i got really freaked out, because i knew one of my close friends was in one of the buildings somewhere. i kept thinking “no, this cant be happening, what if john died in in there??”

after school, me and a group of my friends were standing around in a little circle, and one of them said “we’re all gonna die!” and everyone in the group started jumping up and down. i was so scared of what happened to john. he was like my best friend.

Then, on thanksgiving, I got a call from john’s girlfriend, saying that he died. she said : “he was on the top floor of one of them. i know how much he meant to you, and how much of a close friend he was to you, i’m sorry i had to break it to you”.

i was so mad. mad at the world. i just wanted to hurt bin laden. i lost the best friend that i have ever had.


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