May 25,2001 .celebrating anniversary in N.Y. WTC

Date Submitted: 09/30/2013
Author Info: joseph p (woburn, ma - USA) 
Occupation: Other
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No
Knew someone who perished?: No

My wife and i returned in November for the Xmas Rockettes show , with Daughter ,son-in law , 2 grandchildren . When we went down toward Ground Zero , we had to stop near the Financial District . The air outside was so bad , like putting a cigar in your mouth the wrong end .
Luckily , there was a restaurant opened . We had to goo in and get a drink and eat .
We were also watching all the dump trucks going by ;the police only had a little mask on , which was absolutely worthless . You can imagine the Fire fighters at ground zero , .
It was our 44th anniversary . 1957 , we honeymooned at the Piccadilly Hotel . 11 $ a night .
The City is one of our families best vacation area .
I am now still researching 911 ,concentrating on the 911 Commission Meetings , that took place between 2003 to June , 2004 . 12 Hearings , not the 911 Report . That was a waste of time , except for the adminisration.


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