Middle of the day

Date Submitted: 11/09/2003
Author Info: Dale (Elkridge, MD - USA) 
Occupation: Other
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No
Knew someone who perished?: No

I start work earlier than most,I bake artisan breads for a living.So,I was half-way through my day,listening to the local rock station at work.It was a little after their show when their long standing new-man came on and broke the news”a small airplane has just hit the world trade center,and the building is in flames”he said.I went down stair to let my co-workers know what had happened.Most of them were sort of shrugging it off as another air accident,and just one more reason not to fly.

Then,when I got back upstairs he was describing the scene as he and the other morning show jocks watched it on MSNBC.The description of the flames were horrifying,and as I was about to go back and let the others know what was going on,he grew silent as he watched what I can only guess was the second plane,hitting the other tower.I could hear the staff on air speaking and describing what happend and how,at that moment they knew this was no accident.”A second plane has hit the other tower in what was obviously a deliberate wreck”That tower is now burning,as it hit,the whole side of the building just exploded and shook,both towers are now burning out of control”I was shocked and close to tears as the words sunk in.We were under attack by terrorists.

I ran down the steps and shared this news with my co workers”The second tower just got hit by a second plane,and now theyr`e both engulfed in flames.The radio said from what they saw on their tv`s,it was a deliberate crash,we are under attack”Work stopped and people started to crowd around the tiny tv the manager has for weather news(and superbowls)Some gathered upstairs,where I was busy peeling breads from the ovens and listening to the news.Then,we got word that other flights had seemingly veered off course and were flying erratically.Even then,I was wondering where our president was,and what he was doing.I wondered if the order to shoot them down had been given,I know I would have if the job were mine.

Then,the news broke about a plane over Washington(I live 15 minutes from D.C.)and that the White House had been evacuated.Next came news that the pentagon was burning and was believed hit in the same manner.We were all stunned,several of the staff had to stop listening to the broadcast,most of us began calling our families.Then the first tower fell,no-one could believe it as the second one went soon after….killing thousands,and forever burning a tear in the heart of america.Phrases started flying by like”all those people,think of the firefighters and paramedics,and over and over the Oh My God`s”

Then,there were reports of another plane heading to DC from Pennsylvannia.We live under that flight path,and announcements of school cancelations started coming in,first school was canceled,then not,then it was again…..nobody knew anything,except where their loved ones were,or were not.I worked my entire shift that day,not knowing what else to do,I couldnt wait to get home,to my wife,and my son.From our house,we could see the smoke from the pentagon even then,and I noticed that for once,the busy air approach we live under was no longer busy.Nothing was flying,not for days,when I heard that first jet,I cried,I actually cried I was so glad to hear them again.It signalled for me,some small sense of a return,to normalcy.


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