My 9-11 experience

Date Submitted: 11/15/2003
Author Info: Shannon (Abingdon, MD - USA) 
Occupation: Government/Military
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No
Knew someone who perished?: No

I am a civilian firefighter working for DOD USA. I reported to my duty station for my scheduled tour which begins at 0800. I was reassigned to another station for manpower reasons.

When I arrived at my new station I was told, by the dispatcher on duty, that an airplane just hit the WTC in NY City. My first thoughts were, ok its New York, where stuff like this happens frequently. Then while watching the WTC tower burn, live on the TV news, another explosion happened in the other tower. I saw something come in from behind the tower and was’nt really sure what it was. Moments later realizing it was another plane, and that it was no longer an accident.

I still wasnt feeling to concerned
…again its new york. Then when they said that the Pentagon had been hit, my spine tensed and a deep internal fear came to the surface. This is the US of A and the Pentagon has been hit, we are screwed royally!. I was really preparing mentally for attacks to continue for a long time.

As the day went on and no more attacks were announced, we just intently watched the towers burn, then collapse. At that time I shed a few tears, not because of this being Terrorism but for the inocent people who were lost and seeing those looking for loved ones.

I knew deep in my heart that we, the good ole US of A was going to kick somebody’s ass for doing this. We were not going to let this one ride.

When we did finally take action I was truely greatfull that George W Bush was President and not Al Gore. For some reason I think Al Gore would be more interested in protecting his “Locked Box” than protecting the US.


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