My 911 Account

Date Submitted: 09/11/2013
Author Info: Mitch (Bad Axe, MI - USA) 
Occupation: Engineering
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No
Knew someone who perished?: No

I didn’t lose any friends or family on 911, and I’ve never been to NYC, so seeing the footage on TV I often wondered if this was another Orson Wells’ “War Of The Worlds” type of incident… but seeing footage on several stations made me realize it was real… it never FELT real… I remember rolling out of my bed, seeing my college roommate working at his computer on homework I believe, and flicking on the TV before taking a shower to start the day of classes. I think both planes had hit, but the buildings were still standing. I asked D if he had seen this, and we were both glued to the TV. I don’t think either of us made it to class that day, but I do know for a good portion of the day I was alone in our dorm room… just watching the coverage. I remember seeing the first tower collapse, and THAT is when the tole of lives lost staggered me… it’s absurd that the loss of life is a common place occurence in today’s society, but on a large scale like this it rocks us. I saw that first tower collapse, and all I could imagine is all of those terrified panicked INNOCENT people trying to get out of the tower… and the sounds they must have heard those last few seconds. I started crying. I was instantly concerned for everyone in the remaining tower. Knowing it was inevitable it would collapse as well in a short amount of time. Hoping they would make it out… worrying for the surrounding buildings and people incase the building toppled to the side… That day was so vague and surreal I don’t remember much of the afternoon. I remember going to class on the 12th and everyone was just stunned. I remember taking a nap the afternoon of the 12th, waking from a nightmare that I was trapped in the rubble and couldn’t get out. I woke crying. I remember feeling anger at those responsible… compassion for the victims and their families… and compassion for American Muslims who had NOTHING to do with these horrible acts who were being targeted for outbursts of wrath, anger, and abuse. I remember the following weeks, several times… wishing that life could go back to pre-911… I remember looking back thinking life was so innocent and simple… all of that changed in one morning. God bless the victims families. I know I’ll never forget that day… I’m still trying to figure out just how to accurately explain those events to my kids now…


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