My Eyes Widened

Date Submitted: 05/25/2002
Author Info: Daniel (Bullhead City, AZ - USA) 
Occupation: Student
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No
Knew someone who perished?: No

OK well I’m only a 9th grader so it was the beginning of the year for me and me and my older brother were heading out the door to school when the phone rang and my father answered it. My mom ran out from the bedroom and turned on the television and I asked what had happened and she said the Pentagon had been bombed. So I watch for 10 sec and I see a fire and I said oh mom its just a fire they can handle it but just then the picture changed and I saw the WTC and it was also on fire and I looked at my mom and I said what’s happening? She looked at me and said I don’t know with tears in her eyes. Just then my dad came in and we were all watching there.

I saw one building on fire and then I saw the second plane hit (this was all live) and my mom said oh…my…God… and then I saw both the first fall and as it fell my father looked at me and said Daniel thousands of people are dying right now as we speak and I looked at him in shock. And then we went to school and thank God for tv in the classroom… we had Channel 1 to watch and we saw the second hit and fall and my eyes widened as I thought it would lead us to a WWIII.


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