My Family’s Reaction on 11 September 2001

Date Submitted: 11/07/2021
Author Info: Marie (Beauvry, France , France) 
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Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No
Knew someone who perished?: No

I wasn’t born on 11 september 2001 so I’ll tell you my family story.

My mother was watching TV in her kitchen, while she was cooking a big birthday chocolate cake for a friend. When it was the breaking news who announced the attacks. She turned up the volume of tv and she almost fainted. Then she tried to call my father but he didn’t answer the phone. My mother was scared, she felt angry and sad.

My father was at the factory when he heard the breaking news on the radio. All the employees had stopped working and were watching TV all together in the break room. My father was thinking this could not be true and he was speechless. He felt feelings of sadness and injustice.

My grandmother was in her living room watching the morning show when there was the breaking news. She was surprising and very touched for the people affected by the terrorist attacks. She was only thinking about her morning, and by evening she was thinking it was the end for these people.

For my grandfather, he learnt form my grandmother after working at the butcher’s shop, he was very surprised and horrified. He was afraid for the future.



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