My Friend

Date Submitted: 03/16/2003
Author Info: Grace (Williamson, NY - USA) 
Occupation: Student
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No
Knew someone who perished?: Yes

i was in school and my princealbe said over the loud specker and said all studendts to the aditorum and we thought that we were in trouble or something…..we got there and he told us that something terible has happend in nyc and we were all sad and some teachers wimmperd and some just looked so shocked……i even heard some kids say oh no my family lives there and that just broke my heart……when i got home i got a phone call and it was my bestfriend clare she said that some of her family lived there and that she did know if they were alive or dead she was so scard i heard voice fad as she was talking about it and i started to feel really sad for her…..i asked her if she could call them some how to see if they were ok she said “no” she didnt know there # and that makes her feel different inside because she didnt know how her family was and if they were ok or not and that would make me feel werid inside too i would not know how to act about it i just told her i was sorry b/c i didnt know what she was feeling …..i talked to my mom and told her about it and i felt so sry for her and didnt know what to tell her and that is my story on 9/11 and how i feel about it …..”grace”


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