My Greatest Fear Becomes a Reality

Date Submitted: 05/30/2002
Author Info: Eric (Thoreau, NM - USA) 
Occupation: Student
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No
Knew someone who perished?: No

I will never forget the day Septemember 11 2001. I had just recently stared my junior in high school. I live in New Mexico. It was about 6:50 in the morning, I was listening to my stereo when the DJ said on the air a plane had hit one of the World Trade Center towers. I figured “Oh it’s probably just a small plane.” When I got dressed the radio staion turn it over to ABC news, they said that a passenger plane slammed into the North tower, and the tower was in flames. I was shock….I said to myself “I hope everyone’s ok.”

It was about 7:15 when I left to check on my grandmother. When I got into my car they said that a second plane crashed into the south tower. I thought to myself “what’s going on?” I was starting to panic. I just turned off the radio. I returned home and my sister was listening to the radio. That’s when they said a bomb had exploded at the Pentagon. That’s when I will never forget the voice of the news anchor… I remember him saying “ south..has just disappeared.” I was terrfied. I just left for school. I got to school 30 minutes early. I brought myself together and went to my first period class. The lesson went on but my mind was drifting off to the people and hoping everthing was alright.

The day went on like any other day when I went to my fourth period class that’s when I learned that both towers had collasped and that this was a terrorist attack. My greatest fear had become a reality. The day after 9/11 I cried much of the day thinking about the lives lost, and then I was proud to be an AMERICAN, to live in the land of the free and the home of the BRAVE. This was nearly 9 months ago, and I have not fully recovered. I will be graduating fom High School next spring, and I will be proud of who I am and that’s being an AMERICAN.


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