My husband LIVED

Date Submitted: 09/11/2014
Author Info: Stephanie (Carrollton - USA) 
Occupation: Professional (Medical, legal, etc.)
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No
Knew someone who perished?: Yes

My 5yr old and I were in Bethesda National Naval Medical Center. My doctor came in to see us and asked if anyone had come in to talk to me. I snapped NO, I had been waiting in a small room for over 30 min. The doctor asked us to come with him, he took my hand and as we walked down the hall to his office he asked me to call my husband at The pentagon, he said something happened, then suddenly the evacuation alarms went off. He said for me to try calling and not to panic if I did not get through. The phone just rang, Dr. Olive(I will never forget him) looked me in the eye and as the alarms were going off, said I had to take my son and go straight home & stay there. He asked if I could drive. We only lived 1 mile away. The streets in Bethesda, MD were busy, but eerily calm. When I got home, my grammy was putzing around the home I asked if she had watched the TV. She said no, we put the TV on and we watched the footage from the towers. My Grammy white as a ghost sank on to the sofa and said, “I wish I had died last night”. She was a member of the Greatest Generation and to be attacked on her home soil broke her. Until the day she died she never remember saying this.
I tied with out fail to reach my husband, who was right next to the Marine core wing, then I prayed on my knees holding my breath, hiding so my 5yr old would not see Mommy crying and the fear in my body. Family kept calling, No I have not heard anything, I asked them to not call and toy keep the phone lines open. 6hrs later, my husband called, HE WAS ALIVE and at the Metro station, He asked if I could come and get him. I do not remember the 3/4th a mile drive to the metro, but when I got to the station a guard would not let me in, I remember crying and begging please my sailor is alive I have to get him, finally the guard let me pass. I remember seeing him & was so over come he had to drive home (silly me) He told me I do not have my cover I have to get inside the car. Poor man was in shock
He said his feet hurt he had to get off his bus and walk ACROSS I-95 and to the closest Metro, all trains were moving people out of the city. He said I would have to buy him a new cover and coraframs.
His office was a few hundred feet from the impact site.


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