My International Family

Date Submitted: 10/31/2009
Author Info: Brian (Glasgow, United Kingdom) 
Occupation: Professional (Medical, legal, etc.)
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No
Knew someone who perished?: No

I was at the Scotish FIRE SERVICE TRAINING SCHOOL as a new recruit on 9/11. it was a surreal moment that day, when the news filltered through on what was happening, it almost seemed like a disaster movie that would never happen but We all know it did.We all stood in the lecture room in total bewilderment at what was happening that day and what we might be on call to do.
On that day and the days that followed I knew what it ment to be a fire fighter and part of a international family that has never left me.
I remember Royal Air force jets flying over the training school in the days that followed, and discovered that they were using our training towers as targets for their weapon systems for a impending attack on British soil, which at that time never came(before the London and Glasgow attacks).
The whole experiance has made me a better Human Being and a better firefighter because now I know why certain people do an Emergency service job(When you talk to someone they always know someone or persons that have tried to get into the Emergency service and failed). Why Do I do it?
Because I Know i can make a differance,Even if its convincing Mrs “blogs” to extinguish her cigarette Before bed .
One small step and all that.
With the Greatest Respect a Fellow Comrade


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