My Sept. 11th

Date Submitted: 09/02/2006
Author Info: Jerad (Warsaw, In - USA) 
Occupation: Student
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No
Knew someone who perished?: No

I had just woke up, taking a half day from school my senior year. I did my normal routine as to get into the shower. Never did I turn the tv on in the mornings because i was normally a late sleeper. For some reason on this morning I turned my tv on. Little did I know that in 30 sec. I would see the number 2 plane hit the towers. I sat there in Horror as I knew we were being attacked by terriorts. I was planning on going out to breakfast, but those plans changed as for the next 2 hours i sat, angry as this was going on. As we arrived at school, our principal came over the speakers and said to report to class as normal. My first class was a math class. My teacher had the tv on. She was a younger teacher, maybe mid 30’s or so. As I got to class there was a girl, crying as she sat at her desk. I would soon find out that her dad was on a plan leaving New York that exact morning. Luckly not one of the planes that had been hijacked. They cancelled all after school activities that day. I remember going home and taking our american flag and flying it in the front of our house. I watched TV all night that night. I refused to believe that our country was this vulinarble. I was turning 18 in a month and knew that this was going to bring war to our nation. I immediatly got onto the selective services web site and register in case of a draft. For weeks i pondered if i wanted to throw away a basketball scholorship and join the military. When your 18 years old living in the midwest, you feel helpless and want to do something. Til this day, every week i get on the internet and remember that day. The day will shook my life and every Americans life forever. God Bless America!!! NEVER FORGET!


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