My two cents

Date Submitted: 08/02/2002
Author Info: Chris (Boston, MA - USA) 
Occupation: Other
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No
Knew someone who perished?: Yes

I was waking up for school on Tuesday Morning September 11……I had worked that previous evening and worked out in my work’s gym……I woke up a little after 9AM and heard something weird on the radio about Middle Easterners and the World Trade Center….So I turned on the TV and was “HOLY S^*T”…I was on the phone with my mom, friends, and co-workers…..My mom was freaking out because she had heard planes were unaccounted for….My mom came home, I was numbed to the point of utter shock…..Then I had to go to work that night…I saw my boss and he mentioned to me that a guy from our company was on the first plane that hit the south tower, en route to LA…..Then it really threw me into utter depression..The guy was a husband and father of two young sons…It broke my heart..I remember my mom telling me when JFK was shot the communal mourning of a nation, until 9-11, I never “got it”…That included the Space Shuttle or Oklahoma City……But in one morning, a tragedy that not only affected NYC, Washington D.C. and Pennsylvannia had shaken myself to the core…..I have a deeper appreciation for our fire fighters, police, and emergency services…..It also showed me how precious life is, and to enjoy it…..A part of us all died on a sunny Tuesday Morning, however, something like this got America awake and off the canvas and we are fighting….To those who did this, remember the japanese admiral stated…>”You have awakened the sleeping giant” God Bless


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