My view on 09.11.01

Date Submitted: 09/12/2009
Author Info: Darien (Fairfield, CA - USA) 
Occupation: Student
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No
Knew someone who perished?: No

I was in the 4th grade when it happened; Before school, every morning, I was at my babysitters. I remember my sitter running to the tv and turning off Bill Nye(part of us kids morning routine)and turning on a news station showing two huge towers, burning. I wondered why they where showing a movie like that on a news station that early in the morning, and I laughed. Not knowing what was really going on. My sitter was quick to snap and yell at me that “This is real, don’t you see? There are hundreds of people dying as I speak… This is NOT a movie Darien, understand that.” Then the towers fell, one by one. It was hard for me to understand at first, and it still is to some point. But when I think about what happened, now eight years ago, I still have a heard time beleiving that something like that could ever happen in America.

The bravery, pride, and brotherhood shown to the rest of America, by the New York firefighters, police, and ordinary citizens inspired us all. The months and years it took for America to recover, changed the world.


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