No Big Deal

Date Submitted: 09/21/2002
Author Info: Chandelle (Annapolis Royal - USA) 
Occupation: Student
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No
Knew someone who perished?: No

It was a good day for me, a 13 year old girl goin to class. I was goin to be sitting with some friends(we had made plans where school was just stating). Nobody was really ready to start class yet we were all still chatting loudly and laughing, we never even noticed our vice principle walk in. I seen him but didnt pay much attention till he wispered something into the ear of our french teacher. A look I will remember for the rest of my life came to his face. I really cant begin to explain it to you. I quickly hushed the people around me and soon eveyone became silent. The room remained silent for about two minutes until he spoke. Clearin his throat befor he did. He said:”Mmmmm, the world trade centers have been hit seperatly by two different planes.”, everyone had the weirdest look on there face. He then began to read the letter that the V.P. had given him. Nobody really understood what was going on. we thought: “why are you telling us this? Are they gonna bomb our school!?” Everyone kinda shrugged it off. I didnt really know what to do so I did the same as all the others, I shrugged it of. I kinda noticed all the teachers weren’t like they usually were, they were kinda glossy eyed like they were ready to cry. I didnt pay much attention to it. It never actually hit me how big this was till I got home. Mum didnt say anything nor did my Dad. We just went and got ready for supper, we were going to my boyfreinds for supper. Me and my boyfriend went into the liveing room as soon as we got there not wanting to be around our parents. It was htere i seen my first footage of the attacks! It was there I realized how big it was! it was htere that I realized the whole world had stopped. I felt so guilty for not paying attention and I felt so stupid for not realizing how big of a deal it was. I started to cry, even though i knew no one there, even though I still didnt realize how big of deal it was but I was over come by guilt. I realized so many people died that day and all I did was Shrug it off like it was No Big Deal.


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