No one Knew

Date Submitted: 05/25/2002
Author Info: Tenzin (Brooklyn, NY - USA) 
Occupation: Student
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: Yes
Knew someone who perished?: Yes

I’m in 7th grade at a school in Manhattan. It was Tuesday, another boring day at school. We were in Language arts and outside we heard many fire trucks and police cars passing by our school. We hadn’t heard any big BOOM or anything we must have not heard it or the sound didn’t come to us or something. Anyways kids in my class was getting pulled out of class and got to go home.

When the period ended it was gym. We all went to the gym. I think it was a half day or something because we didn’t change to our gym uniform so my friends and I sat on the bleachers. One by one my friends got to go home. Finially it was down to me and my one friend. She told me someone said to her that there was something about a plane being crashed into the one of the buildings. Then the bell rang.

We started heading back to homeroom. I was trying to go up the stairs when my uncle pulled me. I was surprised to see him. I asked what he was doing here and he told me that two airplanes crashed into the world trade center. My uncle told me that he had to pick me up and take me home. We went to the place where he had to sign a sheet to take me out I saw people I knew with there mothere and fathers. We started heading out of school. My uncle told me that if you looked straight ahead you could see the World Trade Center now it’s gone. I looked at where he pointed all I saw was black gray smoke. We had to walk to my sister’s school to pick her up it was a really long walk. When we got there my sister asked what was wrong we had told her. Then we headed back home my aunt told me that my dad’s friend had been working at the windows of the world and now he is gone.

My friend Jigtin went to school probably a block away from the World Trade Center and his mother went to work across the street. Fortunately they ran away from the horror. It’s very sad for what those people did. My dad’s friend’s wife is alone now with her one child because of those people. If they think they can just seperate us they will always just bring us together. God bless America because no one knew.


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