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Date Submitted: 07/22/2002
Author Info: Graziela (Florianópolis, Brazil) 
Occupation: Computer Software
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No
Knew someone who perished?: No

I´ve been to New York many times before the attacks (and only one time after it) and the WTC always amazed me. They were so important, so beautiful, that it is still hard to believe that they are not there anymore.

On september 11 2001 I was at work. It was almost 10 am here when I got a message on ICQ from a friend in Germany telling me that two airplanes had hit the World Trade Center. I thought we had misunderstood the news, how could 2 airplanes have hit the 2 buildings? I tried to read the news at cnn, abc and many other news websites, but it was impossible to access any of them. I started then talking to another friend on the Internet, who was at home, and he began to tell me that the buinding were collapsing! I was so shocked that I called my mom to ask if that was really happening. She was really sad and told me that it was true, that the twin towers don´t exist anymore. When I got home I watched the news with the complete story about the attacks. I consider these attacks the most disturbing, awful, saddest event that happened since I was born (I´m 24). Even though I don´t know anyone that died there, it is something I will never forget and that will always make me sad, not only because of the building, but mostly because of all the suffering of the people who died there and their families. Buildings can be rebuild, but the lives of those people can´t.


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