Not a normal day at work

Date Submitted: 05/11/2002
Author Info: Lindsay (Baltimore, MD - USA) 
Occupation: Other
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No
Knew someone who perished?: No

I work for an airline and have been with this airline for almost 2 years. In that amount of time one sees a lot of things but nothing quite like this. Never once did I have to worry about something like this, I always felt safe at my work place. The airport that I work at is located in Baltimore, Maryland only 45 minutes away from D.C.

It was my day off of work, but I volunteered to come in for a friend. I didn’t mind because I would be working the gates which I’ve always enjoyed. My airline is known for being kidders so naturally I joked with my passengers. I noticed that they were glued to the tv so I got on the microphone and asked what was keeping everyones attention. When I walked over it was just as the second plane hit. At that point all hell broke lose. Women were crying, families cancelling reservations. I had alerted a supervisor who was aware of what was going on. I was numb. I didnt know what to think so I acted. At that point in time we had no idea if it was one of our planes or not. We worked to get hotel rooms for stranded passengers, calm those passengers down who were shaken. None of us had time to react or realize the seriousness of the situation until the airport was completly deserted.

I went home that day and sat in front of the tv and watched for hours. I didn’t cry until days later when it actually hit me. We can’t forget those who died in D.C as well. That’s close to home for me and for someone to try something like that made me angry. I’ll never forget and I’ll never forgive. We are all family no matter race, age, color or sex. It took something like this to make us realize that.

Everyday I come to work and am greeted by an M-16 and a search when I go through security. Nobody trusts anyone anymore. That hurts.

God Bless.


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