On Watch

Date Submitted: 06/02/2002
Author Info: Jeff (Norfolk, VA - USA) 
Occupation: Government/Military
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No
Knew someone who perished?: Yes

The day started just like any other. Got to work at 0530 and settled in to go through the routine. At the time I was working on the flightline here on the base in the weather office. The first few hours went by like any other day, going out to look at sky condition, etc.

My chief got to the office at around 0800, which is when we turned off the tv. A little while later he comes out and yells at us to turn it on, which is strange because it is usually secured during daytime working hours. So we did, and to our horror there is one of the trade center towers in flames. At the time I think the news was reporting it as a small plane which crashed into it. Then all of a sudden we saw the second plane deliberatley turn into the second tower. At that point we knew that someting wasn’t right. I was so stressed out that I went out to the smoking area to have a cigarette. Everyone out there was talking about what had happenend. I went back to the office and saw a portion of the pentagon on fire. At that point I thought, well this is it, we’re at war. That’s when we got the call to send all non-essential personnel home. I went home to find that the entire base was completely shut down.

Anyway, that’s as much of my story that I can tell. I know many people that are in harm’s way right now, so please keep them in your thoughts as I do.


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