Only school day where i wasnt the class clown

Date Submitted: 01/13/2011
Author Info: z1123 (philadelphia - USA) 
Occupation: Government/Military
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No
Knew someone who perished?: No

Ill never forget it, its just another school day where I show up late and don’t feel like being there at my first period class in 11th grade. Sometime at the end of the period the teacher puts on the tv since apparently he got notice that a plane crashed into the world trade center. As we all sat there confused, the news was talking about a possible accident and was trying to explain how it could have happened. At the time we had some short discussions on the situation but ultimatly paid much attention to the tv to see what was developing. A short while late, on live tv you hear the news anchor start studduring as another plane flies toward, then into the building. Everyone in the class gasps, and the anchor acutally appears freaked out and scrared at this time as he screams out “oh my god oh my god this is no accident”. Rethinking and typing this out actually puts a crazed chill down my arm as I type it and everytime I really think about it. At this time I don’t think there was ever a time in my life where I stared at a screen with absolutly no words or thoughts except what the news anchors on tv were saying. Just a few minutes after the second plane hit and the media was scrambling for answers, blaming it on a terrorist attack at this time and no longer an accident, the bell rings to goto the next class. I don’t even remember going to the next class, just walking in and seeing my teacher with the tv on, staring at in, not even acknowledging the students walking in. Every student came in, sat down, u heard a couple whispers, a few shhhs! But the most part silence as everyone watched what happaned next. As time went on, people started mumbling things to themselves like the ordinary “omg” “this is crazy” etc, until the first tower dropped on live tv. The first panic that came after the shock as girls shouted out things in horror and mostly guys said things like profanities of anger and horror. My reaction? I sat with both arms at each end of the desk reached out to each edge, my eyes wide open, eyes fixated on the tv with my mouth wide open, as the only words I said up to this point in the day were a low pitched whisper of “ohhh myy gooood…..”. Shortly after word got out that school was gettin let out immediatly. Most schools were already out, but ours didn’t get out until both building collapsed. I recall trying to use my cell phone to call my mom, and not chance at this time. All circuts busy. I went home to find my mom was out of work already since she worked in center city philadelphia, and that was a part of the city on high alert so pretty much everyone was sent home asap. The rest of the day was a blurr. But the events leading up to that will never be forgotten, I have a hard time remembering such details of somthing that happaned a year ago, but the details of my day on 9/11 are as clear as yesterday.


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