Perspective from a 7th grade student.

Date Submitted: 04/27/2010
Author Info: Lindsay (Bel Air - USA) 
Occupation: Student
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No
Knew someone who perished?: No

I was in seventh grade in 2001. I remember sitting in my math class in was probably around 10 o clock. I live in Harford county Maryland. Its about thirty minutes from Baltimore, an hour and fifteen from DC and four hours from NYC. My teacher, i cant remember her name.. highly disliked us. She had short curly hair, coke bottle glasses and worn dresses and skirts that reminded me of couch patterns. I had asked her to go to the bathroom to get out of her boring class. I remember leaving and seeing a girl in my homeroom sitting in the quad area crying her eyes out. When i went over to ask her what happened and if she was OK she told me that a plane had crash in new york into a building. When i returned to the class i whispered to my classmates what she had told me. At that point the announcement systems started going off. Asking for certain students so they could be picked up from there parents. It started with one or two students, but the intervals increased as the hour went on and at time 15-20 students would be named. Soon after that we were informed that something had happen in new york and that we would be getting dismissed from school early for the day. As soon as we were released from class( they kept us in our classrooms for about two hours) everyone started finding out what was going on. Teachers and the administration were discouraging our talking about the matters. Meeting my sister at home, she was on the phone crying historically to my mother about not understanding while CBS was on in the background. When i went over and saw the images on the TV of the twin towers and the pentagon i felt numb. I got the sense that it was more like a movie and what was going on was not actually real. We watched the news til my mom came home at four and turned it off. I believe we had school the next day. My uncle worked in new york about six blocks away from the twin towers and although he didn’t see the plans going in and witnessed the panic and mayhem that happened in the streets around him.


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