Remember everything. 1st grade. life changed

Date Submitted: 10/01/2010
Author Info: Alex (Media, Pennsylvannia - USA) 
Occupation: Student
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No
Knew someone who perished?: No

School had just started a few days before. I remember being the new kid and hardly knowing anybody. I went to school on 9/11/01 treating it as any other day. During class, our teacher got a phone call and began to cry. As first graders, we began to wonder what was going on. Our teacher said we were all going outside to wait for our parents outside on the blacktop. We all naturally began to cheer, but our teacher screamed in her tears to stop. We instantly listened and marched outside to wait. We began to speculate what had happened. One boy said he thought he saw a tree fall down on the way to school, and maybe it caused a power problem. We accepted that as reasonable and played four square. I remember my mother coming to the school. She was very quiet. I asked about the falling tree, and she tried to explain the events. I felt sad, but still did not understand completely (it was a difficult situation to understand). I watched the news with my father when i got home. I saw the videos and pictures, and began to understand what happened. The entire next week was a depressing week that i will never forget. Nobody could rebound easily. About a year later, my dad bought a book about 9/11. I read it and finally completely understood what happened. That day will always stick in my memory.


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