Remembering our own suffering.

Date Submitted: 08/23/2002
Author Info: Maria (Madrid, Spain) 
Occupation: Internet Developer/Designer
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No
Knew someone who perished?: No

I live in Spain, but had so many American friends: especially one that was studying in NY University. This friend is like a stepbrother for my boyfriend, I have met him in Spain and we both love him as if he is truly a brother.

Everything was going normally during the morning 11 S, and at 2:00 p.m. some collages and me were for lunch. I do not remember what were we talking about when we came back to work at 3.00 but something fun as we were laughing. We enter the elevator of the building our office is, and a man and a woman enter the elevator in the third floor. The man was telling the woman that a plane had crashed one of the twin towers and that it was said that maybe it would be a terrorist attack. In Madrid there are also twin towers, and we work very near from them. Of course a crash of a plane so near should be heard, but we hadn’t heard any sound and we thought it was a joke. We asked him and he told us in TV it was saying it had happened in NY.

All the fun was over as one of our collages had her brother in a meeting in NY. At 8.30 (NY hour) he had the meeting in one of the towers. She tried and tried to call NY but of course there were nothing to do as all the calls to USA where unavailable. (Luckily some hours later we knew that the meeting were cancelled the day after).

But when we entered the office, we tried to know something more entering in any Internet newspaper or TV web. But almost all the servers where down. Some time later, while we were still trying to know more, our boss who had a radio told us that a second plane had crashed the other tower and that television had show it in live. Then I call my boyfriend to advise him. He was showing TV and while we were talking, he screamed, “one of the towers is falling down!”… I felt really worried about our friend, thinking that casualty would have made him to have an early exam or maybe some shopping, anything could have made him been near the towers (he had a friend living in Manhattan and maybe he could be visiting him). We tried writing him and the mail was always sending back: “servers are down”. The most horrible hours passed until we knew that he were fine.
I can remember perfectly that we do nothing of job that day in the office. We were trying to support the girl that had her brother in NY until she knew he was fine, and another that also had American friends trying to connect with them, and I felt myself so worry. We all thought that it could have happened to us, as we have our own terrorist murderers. I didn’t see any images of the tragedy but late that evening in TV. And I felt like if I were showing some kind of horrible movie. When I show how the towers went down I did not even breathe. I thought about all the fathers, sons, daughters, mothers, brothers, sisters, friends, which had looked at the same images that me while their family where inside the towers. My heart were (and it is always) with them.

In the office we all made the two minutes of silence one week later of the tragedy, in respect of all the victims. We all pray for this never happen again in any place on earth.


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