Rocky Mountain High

Date Submitted: 09/11/2002
Author Info: Thomas (Washington, PA - USA) 
Occupation: Other
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No
Knew someone who perished?: No

I love Elk hunting!

A friend and I were taking a hike and enjoying the serene magnificence of the Colorado Rockies. We started out before daylight and returned to our car around 9 A.M., Mountain time zone. It was such a beautiful, warm and sunny, peaceful day. We didn’t see any Elk, but who cared, just to be there was enough satisfaction.

Thinking how lucky I was to be there and enjoy all of this, I started the car. The radio came to life on the one station that we could receive deep in the mountains.

At first I thought I was listening to Orson Wells’, War of the Worlds, but it became all too apparent that this was terror, real, and now. I heard people screaming, the announcer was talking about buildings being bombed. When I realized that this for real, I became angry and emotional.

I called my wife as soon as I could get to a phone. It was a long ride back to my home in Pennsylvania.


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