Sad reason for Uniting Finally

Date Submitted: 09/11/2002
Author Info: Jesska (Milwaukee, WI - USA) 
Occupation: Student
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No
Knew someone who perished?: No

Well, i was 16 at the time, and i was in highschool. We had just finshed first period and i was walking to my locker. Joking around like me Edna always did, Angela ran up tme jus comming out from History class. She looked kinda weird and she just blurted out…”the thing, it ran into the thing and the thing went boom and the thing is on fire on the tv, the thing the thing” and what would any persons reaction be but to laugh and be like “riiight angela right”.. Well then i went on to my History class and when i walked in there was a crowd around the television. I sat in my normal seat and gazed at the tv in a state of shock. I mean… i was watching the trade center burn… as the bell rang and class started my teacher tryed to get our attention off the tv. Being as nosy as i am i just couldnt bear to look away and watching the tv i then saw the second plane crash into the second buidling. I felt a gasp, and then nocied a few others had seen what i had, and then it started, The madess we now call “the new war” “the terrorist attacks of 9/11”

Never in my life did i ever thing i would be impacted so much by someone elses pain. Never did i feel that living in america would make me feel bad. Feel like i was no longer safe and worst of all, the fear that there are many more middle easterners who hate us. I’m not a firm believer in god but i do hope there is something on our side to help us through this, to help us cope with the madess the goverment has brought us. and yes. i do believe this is the government’s fault. I’m sort of ashamed to think our country didnt unite till this happend, yet in a way i am greatful to know my fellow americans would help me out if i was in need. That day we realized we were all just normal people, no matter how we looked or how smart, we noticed we all had feelings and that our pride in our country was as strong as ever as we all helped as much as we could.


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