Scared And Scarred

Date Submitted: 03/04/2010
Author Info: Aliyyah (new york, N. - USA) 
Occupation: Homemaker
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: Yes
Knew someone who perished?: No

It’ been 9 years since the attack but, it still haunts me, it haunts me in a way that can only be described as bone chilling. I live in Harlem N.y.c. but I’m from Bklyn And 9-11-01 went through the city like waves of hard water.

8:50 A.M.
My Daughter’s grandmother Marion Smalls Banged on my door like someone was behind her trying to kill her. Her son {my daughter’s father] John jumped up to answer the door, He openened the door and Marion came in sceaming”A plane hit one of the world trade towers. turn the t.v. on it’s on the news right now”. Now mind you, I was sleeping, and to be awakened by news like that is crazy. I go to the t.v. and turn it on, Sure enough, there it is plain as day the North tower of The World Trade is on fire. I’m in shock but I kinda felt like I knew something like that was gonna happen because of the 110 story height of the buildings, and I just felt that it was a bad accident waiting to happen, and it finally did. I was immediately angry and I expressed that anger ”Gaddamnit, I knew that shit would happen. Motherfuckers always wanna build towers trying to get to Heaven now look at this shit here. People are dead because of this shit. I sat down on the bed and shook my head. Now mind you, I’m 8 months pregnant with my daughter Nicole at the time and everything was happening too fast. To me it was a bad accident and I was looking at the t.v. watching this thing unfold. I’m sitting there waiting for some kind of rescue efforts to take place and wanting to know about survivors. And before I could wrap my mind around this first tragedy, I’m looking at the television, and i see the thing that almost made me go into premature labor. Out of nowhere another plane came speeding, and slams into the second tower and explodes into a fire ball of fury and it took my breath away. I was in total shock, things quckly went from bad to worse. i put my hand over my mouth and quickly regretted what I had previously said.Now I knew THIS WAS NO FUCKING ACCIDENT! We were under terrorist attack and we did’nt know what to do, we were caught all out there. now it was time to sit down and shut up and watch what was going on.

After the second tower was hit and was burning. you saw people running that were in the buildings and made it out. the Fire department and police were on the scene and they were doing their best to control the situation and save lives.

Just then the most sickening news came in. There had been a report of a jumper who jumped from the North tower and fell and killed a cop when he landed on him. I screamed ”Oh My God people are jumping out the windows”. John had grabbed me and held me, and we both stood and cried. The reason why that had bothered me so bad was because as we flipped through the channels to get better coverage of the events, I saw how bad the fires actually were and i imagined how it must of been in that building all hot and smoky and you’re trapped and the only way out is 100 stories or so down to your death. I sat in awe as this was going down and now i’m hearing about The Pentagon getting hit, and another plane crash in Pennsylvania, and it’s getting to me now. and i started not looking at the Twin towers as buildings, but as beings, with there own spirits two beautiful twin brothers that were wounded. One took a shot to the head, and the other took a shot to the gut, but they were strong and they would stand. And even though lives were lost, we would afterward assess the damage, bury our dead, make repairs, and be stronger than ever. But then the unthinkable happened, it was just too much. The heat,the flames the pressure, the South Tower of the world trade gave way and crumbled to the ground in a heap of dust, fire and debri.

People were running everywhere. Dust and debris flying all over the place, it seriously looked like a war zone down there. People were bloody and covered in debris and smoke and you could hardly see what was going on. They cut to a live shot of The Empire State Building, and it was completely empty it had been totally evacuated. all courts were closed and children were being sent home from school.

The dust did’nt even settle good yet, and people had’nt even caught their breaths good enough when out of nowhere the top of the north tower caved in and went straight down like a real soldier. People were screaming really loud and hard now in disbelief that our two beautifullest and tallest buildings that made our city the most beautiful in the world were gone.

The aftermath of that day still lingers with me to this day. The conspiracy theories, the stories the deaths, the survivors. Everything about it was just all wrong.

But what is even more wrong and is totally outright disrespectful,
this rebuilding shit they wanna do at ground zero. I strongly believe in the spirits. And I strongly believe they shound leave that place alone and let it rest. Because the spirits of that day are at an unrest, and nothing or no one will prosper on that plot of land
the spirits will haunt,and terrify anything that comes near it. No one will have good luck who work in that spot.Now you don’t have to believe as I do, but look so far, they had deadlines when the buildings were suppose to be finished, and yet they haven’t even got anything up off the ground. Their stuck, because the spirits of 9-11-01 are working them, they don’t want them there. They want to rest and they should be left alone to do so.


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