Scared for my Family

Date Submitted: 08/21/2003
Author Info: Carrie (Greensburg, PA - USA) 
Occupation: Homemaker
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No
Knew someone who perished?: No

The day started normally. Getting my then 8 year old daughter off to school, my son then 1 still asleep I layed back down and then my whole life changed, the phone rang. Knowing it was my husband, I let it ring, but he was being persistant so I answered it. Then came the images. Oh I was so scared. He worked in Pittsburgh and they shut the city down so he was stuck there. My daughter was in school safe I thought, then came the plane in Somerset about 40 miles from us. I had to get to her and I was so scared I felt so alone. Nobody could give you reassurance that it would be ok.. It was like living in a bad dream and not being able to wake up. The school did a very good job keeping the kids safe and shielded from all of this until the parents could get there. That was very commendable of the teachers because i’m sure they felt the very same way I did. God bless them. Needless to say late that night after my husband finally got home I never wanted to let go of my family again. Be thankful for every day we have with each other. Love one another anr remember, sometimes we may not get that chance to say I’m sorry or I love you one last time


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