Sept 11: We will never forget

Date Submitted: 03/08/2004
Author Info: Randy (Bronx, NY - USA) 
Occupation: Other
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: Yes
Knew someone who perished?: No

Sept 11 2001 was of course a shocking day for any one in their right minds,i work for NYC Dept of Sanitation and on that dreadful day of sept 11 me and my coworker was on our way to NJ to dump a garbage truck, we got to the dump in Newark we dumped the truck about 8:45am i think, it was a lovely morning out a very clear day.

On the way back from the dump on 95 north we notice people slowing down in their cars pulling off to the shoulders of the road, i told my partner “do u see all of these people using their cell phones, somethings isnt right here” then as we drove futher we notice more people were starting to pull off the road, then i was starting to get worried i knew something was wrong so i told my partner to pull up to this car so he did then i asked the driver what was going on he told me that two planes crashed unto the WTC,so iam thinking now that two planes crashed into each other near the WTC so now the traffic is near a stand still so i got out of the truck and walk over to this tractor trailer and i ask the driver whats going on he told me that two planes hit the WTC towers and knocked both of them to the ground.

I was in deep shock but i wasn’t thinking terrorist attack but as i was walking back to my truck a driver in his car stuck his head out the window and said the Pentagon was hit by a plane then i knew it was a terrorist attack for sure i wasnt scared i was just in a state of shock, i got back to my truck and told my partner the bad news he was in shock too, we was stuck in a slow moving traffic for about two hours, the weather was starting to get hot i tried to use my cell phone but it was dead due to the heavy flow of callers.

I wanted to call my family to see if they was alright, we finally got near the George Washington Bridge in FT Lee to be turn away by the presents of police officers they said it was a state of emergency and that no one is crossing the bridge, the bridge was shut down, so we found a Burger king not too far from the bridge so we parked right near it then we started seeing our other coworkers driving in off the highway we was all in shock talking about what had happened, so we sat in Burger King ate something then it started to get crowded in the restaurant and the manager was starting to panic then she ended up closing the store down.

People on the streets was crying some was walking around in a daze trying to find a way to get home,so we pleaded with the cops to let us cross the bridge then finally they let us cross, when we got to NYC it was a different world,people was walking around like zombies lost, i got back to my garage about 5:45pm,i signed out walked home thank God i live near the job because every bridge and everything was on lockdown, it was a day that i will never ever forget, GOD BLESS AMERICA.


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