Setting the VCR to Record Oprah Winfrey then shock

Date Submitted: 06/17/2002
Author Info: Hal (Yeadon, pa - USA) 
Occupation: Computer Technician/Engineer
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No
Knew someone who perished?: No

I had watched Oprah’s show on Monday and Dr. Phil had been on. Part 2 of the show was going to air on that Tuesday. So that morning I got up to go to my colleges computer lab to work on some Database programming and on my way out the house (8:50 am) I was setting the vcr to record the Oprah Winfrey show at 4:00pm eastern standard time. At first I was thinking when I saw the tower with a hole in it, not again from the time a plane hit the Empire State Building decades ago. As I watched the first tower burn, here came the second plane. Shock didn’t even start to describe how I was. I was running back and forth to a corner store keeping my friend up to date. When I got back home the second time, the title on TV stated “THE SOUTH TOWER HAS FALLEN”. Now I knew all hell was now breaking loose. What makes it bad is that the night before I was just bragging to my college buddies from overseas that in our country a bird can’t fly over Washington DC without the militaries radar seeing it.


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