Date Submitted: 07/26/2002
Author Info: Paula (Souderton, PA - USA) 
Occupation: Customer Service/Support
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No
Knew someone who perished?: No

When I first heard about the attacks I was in our local court house waiting for my husband to arrive. We were signing custody papers for our two children. I remember he walked into the room & told all of us (the judge, myself, my lawyer)about what had happened that morning. None of us had heard the news. We had all been waiting for my husband to arrive since 8:30am. I felt shock & disbelief. As if he was playing some cruel joke on us. I then thought that what we were doing there at the court house was so minor. I kept thinking that we at least had our kids & they were safe, but what about those other families who did not. The first thing I did was call my father in-law. He was in NY at the time. I remeber the fear of not knowing where he was & not being able to reach him on his cellphone. We tried for hours to contact him via email and cell phone. We heard from him the following day when phone service was avaible. I will never forget the feeling of relief & joy that he was alright.

I have lived in rural southeastern PA now for about 10 years, but I spent most of my childhood (7 years) in Somerset, PA where flight 93 cashed. I took my two children back to Somerset during Thanksgiving break in 2001. I also took them to the crash site. My daughter was so amazed that there are so many people that were there showing their support. I will never forget that day most of all because my daughter made a flag for those that died and she left the most beautiful poem on the back. She also said that no one would ever hurt them again. To this day, we still talk about what happened that day on Sept 11th and of those that were taken from us to early.


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