Date Submitted: 09/09/2002
Author Info: Sheila (Knoxville, TN - USA) 
Occupation: Other
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No
Knew someone who perished?: No

My story is probably nothing special. I was picking up my son to take him to work. He greeted me by saying “Go to the TV”! That morning I had drove to his apartment without the radio going so I had no idea anything had happened. At first I thought that this had been an accident, then I dopped him off and went to get breakfast at McDonalds. I walked in just as the second plane hit. All the TV’s were on and everyone in the restuarant including employees were watching it all unfold. No one was crying, but they were in shock all the same. I ate my food and hurried to finish my errands. I stopped by the library and I waited outside till it opened at ten. I and other patrons were greeted at the door by the librarian with the words “they have hit the Pentegon”! I dropped off my books and rushed home.

My husband who works the night shift was still in bed. I ran to him and told him he had to get up it looks like the USA is being attacked! That whole day was one of worry and of not knowing what would happen next. As I turned on my TV at home the buildings began to fall. I knew then how bad it really was. My husband recieved a phone call not to come into work, as he works in the town of Oak Ridge Tn. His company was not sure that the town of Oak Ridge was safe. To this day I worry about my husband working there. And to this day I wil never forget the looks of everyone’s face that day. Grief came later, it was shock I saw on peoples faces that morning.


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