Date Submitted: 09/10/2006
Author Info: Ana (West Palm Beach - USA) 
Occupation: Accounting/Finance
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No
Knew someone who perished?: No

On 9/11, i just had gotten to work and about to start my day with a cup of coffee. Every morning at the office we had the tv on to hear the news of the day. Well, as soon as the breaking news mentioned that one of the towers got hit every one stopped and their eyes were glued to the tv. When we all saw that the second tower was about to being hit, we were like” oh no, that plane is about to hit the other tower!” in disbelief we were shocked stunned and froze for a moment. We open the office a bit after nine and not one person really walked in nor was there any car traffic on the streets. People that had heard about the news, were coming in to talk to the office staff and grieving about what just had happened and were scared to what was going to happen next. No one at work, after the pentagon was hit and the fourth plane hit in PA could work. The manager gathered all the employees and in the middle of the office, we created a circle and hold each other hands and started to pray. Some of the clients that happen to be there joined the circle and as some cried while praying we took five minutes to be Blessed to be alive at that moment. By 1 pm, the majority of the city had shut down as everyone wanted to be home with their famiy and loved ones while worrying about family and friends that were in NY. I haved family that worked nearby and took about just over 24 hrs to hear that they were ok. To this day, every year that comes around on 9/11, i think of what happened and am still in shock and disbelief that the World Trade Center is gone.


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