Something I will never forget

Date Submitted: 09/23/2016
Author Info: Laura (Caracas - USA) 
Occupation: Internet Developer/Designer
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No
Knew someone who perished?: No

I’m gonna start my story by saying that I’m not from the United States, and this tragedy didn’t happen in my country but still hurts because I have family and friends who lives in NYC and some other parts of the country.

That morning my mother and I were taking our car to maintenance, when we heard the news on the radio…both of us were like oh my God… what??? but the guy from the radio station didn’t give much information so we basically only heard, that one of the twin towers was on fire but we didn’t know how bad it was until we got back home and watch what was actually happening on tv.

Afterwards, I remember my mother and I were sitting in front of the tv watching on CNN that huge smoke column coming out from the top of the north tower… the images were totally horrifying, but nothing compared to what we saw next, when suddenly that 2nd plane came out of nowhere, and hit the other tower. I was shaking, i started to cry my mother too, we were so worried about our family and friends over there, I swear i will never ever forget 9/11 and if I wasn’t even there, and i felt so bad about it I can’t even imagine what was it like, for all those who lost their lives and love ones that day.


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