Sooo…its not a movie?

Date Submitted: 01/11/2018
Author Info: Adrian (Fort worth - USA) 
Occupation: Other
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No
Knew someone who perished?: No

Man it seems like only yesterday I was 16 then…it was a Tuesday I think….i was at school taking a book back to the library and I walk in and everyone’s gathered around the t.v it was like the ones that they would have on those tall moving carts with wheels….anyway I run over there to em and I’m like “man what movie are YOU guys watching?!? It looks good!” And then they told me a plane hit a building id never heard of in a city EVERYONE’S heard of….16 yr old me man I was confused so I just asked them “Sooooo….its not a movie then?” They told me NO…i was like WHAT in the ACTUAL fuck? Then we were made to go back to our classes and then my mom came and picked me up from school whilst loosing ALL of her shit…matter of fact all parents were coming to pick their kids up my mom was one of the first there she had actually called into work that day…ALL those years ago it seems just like yesterday. I think about it ALOT….about those whose lives had come to a point where they were made to pick how they would leave this earth. by either jumping from or going down in a collapsing, burning, hundreds feet high skyscraper….i try to mentally put my self there but it is beyond a doubt absolutely without question THE most horrifying thing anything after would be insipid. And thus far has rightly proven to be so. I pray their souls be at rest.



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