Spirit in a Dream

Date Submitted: 05/31/2002
Author Info: Roxann (Los Angeles, CA - USA) 
Occupation: Other
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No
Knew someone who perished?: No

I’m not even sure why I’m telling this except that it has haunted me in waking hours and whenever I see footage from the rubble of the aftermath and think about all those people just vanishing from the face of the earth. I was 6 miles from the big 1991 (I believe) Northridge earthquake. My condo was almost destroyed. I was awoken at 4am as my walls and everything I owen was being crushed and smashed. tI awoke to screaming and fire in the skies and the sound of sirens. That is the closest I have ever come to living through a disaster. And that was a natural disaster. Not something done with hatred and malice. Anyway …
for whatever it’s worth here it is.

The Spirit In A Dream

I’ve always had sort of precongnitive dreams, you know some events you dream about and then they actually happen. Like the time I had a long conversation in my dream with this old friend. I didn’t even know was sick. He came to me in this dream in a room, and we talked for what seemed like a long time. He told me he came to say goodbye. I had this erie feeling when I woke up and I found out later that week he had died that night. But I have never had any type of dreams about world events until now. I don’t even know what it really means this dream I had but it haunts me still.
I’m a freelance artist so I have weird hours. Sometimes I’m up really late working so I don’t always get up before 10am.

The Spirit In A Dream•••• The Dream

I was having this lucid dream. In my dream, I was in this office building like a high rise. I was in my late twenties with dark long hair. In the dream I knew it wasn’t me Roxann, it was like I was looking through someone elses eyes.In my dream there was this really cute guy that I always had a crush on in my office. I always had the feeling that he had like me to.But we never acted on it, we just use to see each other and kind of flirt. Now we just happened to be in the same office area this morning…and we knew something was wrong, we didn’t know exactly what had happened, we thought it was an earthquake. We knew we were in danger. But somehow we knew we couldn’t or wouldn’t be able to escape… We were both calm in an errie way. Everything was happening like in slow motion.We could feel the building collapsing under us. We held hands and kissed and I remember thinking wow,this is really nice I wish we had done this before. There was no sound in my dream just silence.

All of a sudden I felt sheer panic as I watched the ground sort of slip away like it was nothing, like it was dust. I couldn’t breath in my dream and it turned into a nightmear. I remember watching that cute guy just disappear in front of my eyes as the ground sort of imploded. Then I was falling and now I’m panic stricken because I couldn’t breath… and the words kept repeating themselves in my head louder and louder… over and over… ITS THE END OF THE WORLD!!! ITS THE END OF THE WORLD!!!! It was like I couldn’t catch my breath and my body was jolted in an upright position and I woke up startled but still groggy.

I could hear the TV on which was weird because my roommate never watches TV, he only reads the paper and gets web news.
I have this 51″ TV. I am still groggy from just waking up. But I walk into the living room still half asleep. I hear Ron, my roommate and buddy say,”Paris is burning” I said,”Paris is burning?” He said,”No! look what the terrorist have done!” Now I’m wide awake and of course glued to the news with the rest of America.I actually had a job out of NY for Teen People that I was suppose to shoot the morning of Sept 11 in a LA studio. I couldn’t imagine that I would still be working. But no one really knew what was going on…it was early and everyone was on the phones trying to get through and see if everyone was okay. It was horrible.

No one I knew died but that is such a stupid comment. A part of America died that day and we were all deeply effected. I cried for days along with everyone else. I still say prayers with the rest of America for all the children who have lost parents.. all the husbands, wives, brothers and sisters..who were incinerated by hatred. And yes, I say prayers for all the animals who died or lost their beloved owners. I’ll never understand this world filled with such violence and hatred for fellow human beings. They are all still in my prayers.


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