The attack

Date Submitted: 09/18/2013
Author Info: Nomin (Macomb, Mongolia) 
Occupation: Student
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No
Knew someone who perished?: No

It was a typical night at our house when me and my dad were about to turn off the TV and go to bed, but of course he couldn’t help go through all the channels one more time before the day ends. He stopped at the news channel, suddenly gasping and effortfully calling for Mom to come see the unbelievable event that cause him to stutter. Even though It did not impact me as as strong as it did my parents, It was quite scary when the bombing and cruelty that only appeared on movies were happening in real life. As i grew older my father’s reaction made more sense , our generation grew up with the story , learning and realizing more at the same time grieving for every life it took away from us ( the real humans).


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