The day I realized our country was no longer safe

Date Submitted: 07/16/2002
Author Info: Rhonda (Calgary - USA) 
Occupation: Homemaker
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No
Knew someone who perished?: No

I remember Sept 11/01 was a grey, overcast day. Normally the first thing I do every morning is check Yahoo for the latest headlines. That morning I was too busy getting my sons off to their first day of school. When I got back home I turned on my computer and the Yahoo home page popped up. I read the breaking news of the towers being hit and thought it was a joke. Why would anyone joke about that? Guess I just didn’t want to believe it. I ran to the TV and switched to CNN. I remember standing in the middle of the livingroom screaming for my husband. There is a 2 hr time difference between Alberta & NY so at this point it was 11AM in NYC and both towers had already collapsed. My husband came running and we both stood there in shock as Aaron Brown, the CNN newscaster, broadcasted the story. My husband and I had been in NYC in Sept of 93 on our honeymoon and loved the city. We hope to go back for our 10th anniversary. One thing that has changed me forever is the fact that I no longer take the peace and way of life in Canada for granted.


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