The Day I Will NEVER FORGET!!!

Date Submitted: 08/24/2002
Author Info: Matt (Salem, MA - USA) 
Occupation: Government/Military
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No
Knew someone who perished?: No

The morning of September 11th was cool and clear; it was a beautiful day really. I was getting ready to visit my wife in the hospital and I stopped in a local diner to take my son to breakfast before I dropped him off at day care. As We walked into the diner people were gathered around the TV…they were talking about a plane striking the WTC.I figured it was a cesna pilot who may have lost control… two minutes later the second tower was struck. I knew exactly what it was then. I gathered my son into the truck and as I drove reports came over the radio the Pentagon was struck…my fatherin law works in the Pentagon, one of my friends is a PAPD officer, another works for NY transit. I pulled my truck to the side of the road and wept. Damn those responsible for that day, and God embrace those gentle souls who perished as a result of those evil acts. God Bless America.


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