the day that changed my life

Date Submitted: 09/27/2008
Author Info: Rita (Albany - USA) 
Occupation: Student
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No
Knew someone who perished?: Yes

i was in 3rd grd when it happend. it seems like it was just yesterday now that i think about it. one of my mom’s friends died but she had just gotten a job there like 3 years prior to 2001 and moved so my mom was happy for her. on this day, i was in school like everyone else. the teachers didn’t tell us because i guess they thought our grd was too young to know or something. i could tell something was wrong though because all the teachers wern’t acting in their usual manner and the 5th grdrs were extremly quiet and had blank stares on their faces. well when i got home later that day my older sister who was in 8th grd at the time was watching tv. i said out of curiousity “whatcha watchin?” she said in a panic “go upstairs!” i went upstairs and stayed up in my room for what seemed like forever. i called 1 of my friends and she said something bad happend to new york and dc. i was like “what?” she said idk and we just carried on like nothing happend. a few min later i came back down and saw my sister and dad crying. i asked “what’s going on?!?” i started crying because i saw them crying. they were speechless and just hugged me. about an hr. later after my dad had called family and friends, i was only told that “there were some bad people that hurt a lot of innocent people.” i remember feeling angry wanting to know more and wondering why and what on earth was my dad talking about. so my mom got home later that evening she too had been crying. i could tell by her voice. she said her friend had made it out safely because she was like she knew that her friend would evacuate if she heard that a plane had crashed into the building. this was all news to me so i just stared at my mom. she was the one who broke it down for me when she settled in that night. the problem was that we couldnt contact her at all and my mom was like all the phone lines must be down. it wasnt until a few days that my mom got a call from her friends’ sister that she had in fact died and had no way of getting out because she was on a higher floor in the tower. my mom was never the same since then. i was sad because my family was hurting, but it didnt really click until about 3 years later because i knew the true terror that folded out on this day. i dont remember her friend only that she was always smiling and i was informed that she had devoted her life to God in nov of 1999. she did except Jesus into her heart. we wanted to know more about God from then on. now im a christian and so is my family. at the time we weren’t. she will be missed and all i can do is look at the pitures of her angelic smile knowing where she is, and thank her for giving us the choice to spend eternity in heaven. she’s a blessing


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