The World Trade Center Twin Towers NYC 9/11

Date Submitted: 04/22/2002
Author Info: Yekesil (BROOKLYN, NY - USA) 
Occupation: Student
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: Yes
Knew someone who perished?: No

It was 1 day before the terrorist attack, monday september 10 2001. I was on the south tower 110th story building wtc new york. I live in brooklyn. I was watching regis nbc 4 8:00pm on tuesday morning september 11 2001. It was live only on cbs 2 8:45am. I told my father & mother there was attack at the world trade center on the north tower. I was shocked that a plane hit the twin towers here in new york city. I went to the twin towers every month. My grand father worked at 86th floor before he died on world trade center.

I loved new york and I still do. It was a whole week tv. There was no tv on top of the north tower antanna when I saw the plane crashed into wtc on 9/11 8:46am & south tower 9:03am, I knew it was a terror attack in new york than i heard that there was another attack at washington dc pentagon & Pennsylvania. 4 plane crashed in america attack on united states of america usa.

God bless america. 2,580 people died on tuesday september 11th 2001. I am so sorry what happend to my city. I can’t beleve that world trade center is gone now. Twin towers is ground zero. I was in brooklyn on 9/11 then I when from my house to manhattan new york city I saw the twin towers on fire. Then 1 hour later both towers collapsed to the ground both towers was standing for 30years 1970-2001. My mother remembers when they start building twin towers. I have 5 brothers & 6 sisters 11 children on thursday september 6 2001. I took an old men to see twin towers 5days before september 11th 9/11 he was tall to see the view. I love new york skyline I love the view from top of the world trade center nyc 110th story tall. I was born in here in brooklyn ny now new york skyline the empire state building tower 102floor. Today is monday april 22 2002, 7 months later after 9/11 I went to see ground zero 20 days. We are going to rebuild world trade center I hope this time it will be safe here in new york. President george w bush will fight terror today till bin laden is dead. My name is yekesil t rosenberg. I love ny. The new mayor mike bloomberg will keep new york city safe for 4yrs remembering 9/11/01 wtc new york city. Rebuild lower manhattan to see the new skyscraper.

Thank you. May god bless America.


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