There Really MUST be Christmas this year

Date Submitted: 09/01/2006
Author Info: A (Arlington, VA - USA) 
Occupation: Self Employed/Entrepeneur
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No
Knew someone who perished?: Yes

September 11, 2001:
A good friend asked me if I thought we would celebrate the Holidays this year This was my reply to him….

There really must be Christmas this year
In this torn and darkened world
We’ll trim our tree and on its top:
Our nation’s flag, unfurled.

We’ll light the lights and tell our kids
“Each light you see is a prayer!”
A prayer for all those innocent souls
Who now dwell in peace Up There.

What horrors we saw will always be
Forever in our torn soul
Our hearts will cry, our hearts will break
Because of such evil untold,

That visited us that horrific day
And took so many away
And tore apart our lives, our hearts,
Our souls — that fateful day.

But when we light our tree we will
Remember when we see its lights-
Majestic towers whose brief beautiful years
Gave splendor to Manhattan nights,

And the bright dear souls whose lives were taken
By the evil that stole them away.
Oh God why did our loved ones have to leave
So tragically that day????

How can we go on? We who have lost
So much, so many so dear………
Our tortured souls, our anguished cries
For loved ones who are no longer here.

Whose tragic deaths, on that horrible day
Tore our hearts, our souls, our minds.
But we must go on and we must be brave
And we must create, and find

Hope, and peace, and love and resolve
To make this a better place
Where nations unite in peace and REAL love
No matter what creed or race.

There really must be Christmas this year
May peace reign absolute and true!
May God’s Light and Love and Goodness
And Strength be always surrounding you.

Copyright © 2001 Azar Attura
I am devastated by what has happened. This has touched us all.

May God preserve and protect us all. I hope our generation soon sees the day when true peace and goodness reign on earth now and forever. May the “KIND” on Man”KIND” one day be a universal reality.


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