~~This day will never be forgotten~~

Date Submitted: 08/31/2002
Author Info: Delia (San Antonio, TX - USA) 
Occupation: Sales/Marketing/Advertising
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No
Knew someone who perished?: No

On Sept.11, 2001 I was at home In San Antonio,TX. My boyfriend lives In New York City. We have a long distance realationship for now because of our jobs. I remember my cousin waking me and telling me something about WTC being hit by a plane. I was more asleep then awake, as I laid in bed I just kept hearing her saying “OMG” over and over I came to the living room she looked at me and said sit down Del. I told her what is going on she said NYC has just been hit by Terrorist. My heart began to beat very fast as the first thing that came to my mind was my boyfriend. Since he would always walked thru the WTC to get to his job. I began dialing his cell phone, work phone and home. I couldn’t reach him anywhere. As I saw the first building coming down I lost it and began to cry because that was the time that he would be near the WTC. I continue dialing all the numbers and still I didn’t know of his whereabouts. I was supposed to go In to work that morning I called my boss that I was not going In. She was very understandable and said go ahead and take the day off make sure your boyfriend is okay. As I saw both towers going down my heart dropped as I sat here thinking was my boyfriend near there at the time. All phones were dead nowhere for me to get In touch with him. During the time that the towers felt and 6:30PM NY Time. was the worst hours of my life. I had family and friends calling me asking about my boyfriend as I told them I don’t know if he’s alive. At 7:00pm NY Time he called me and omg I was so relief and thank God for not taking him away from me. I cry with him on the phone and was very relief that he was okay. We had stayed online late the night before and I remember I kept telling him go to bed you have to wake up early In the morning. All he kept saying was 5 more mins. my love over and over. If he wouldn’t have stayed online with me that late the night before. I would not have had him right now. He woke up late that day on Sept.11, 2001 and didn’t make It to work on time. By the time he got into the city. Everything was blocked off and he was sent back home. I feel that God saved him from this horrible tradedy because he never stays online with me this late the most is 12:30 NY Time especially on a weekday. This was the first time that he had stayed until 4AM NY time with me online. And everyday I thank God for this day. As for my boyfriend he did lose his uncle on Sept.11, 2001 In the WTC. It’s almost a year that this happen I still grieved everyday as I watch the News and read about it in papers how these people could be so cruel and do something like this to USA. These people are Evil! They are Sick! For the families that lost a loved one my prayers are with each and everyone of them everyday. The lives that were lost will never be forgotten. In my heart they never died. They will always be heroes.



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