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Date Submitted: 09/08/2002
Author Info: Anne (Massapequa, NY - USA) 
Occupation: Sales/Marketing/Advertising
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No
Knew someone who perished?: No

The morning of September 11th, 2001, my mother called me to tell me the horrific news. I was supposed to work at 1:30pm, so I was not awake. My mother said that I have to call Steve, my fiance, to find out about his mom. His mom works three days out of the week in the city, of course 9/11 was her day to go in. When I called Steve, the realization of what was happening hit me in the face. That he could not get in touch with her and we had no idea if she was ok. When she finally was able to get thru on her cell phone, she told Steve she was ok, and that she was on her way out. Five minutes later, the 2nd tower crashed, the tower which she worked in. We did not hear from her till about 5:00pm that night. She said that she was buddied up with her friend who has a club foot and her boss was with her. They just made it out side when the tower crashed. They took a tugboat to brooklyn and when they got off, her boss had found a man with a limo and asked him if he could take them home. He said of course he would, and for free, his daughter was supposed to work that day and she called in sick.

My friend’s father works in the city down the block from the WTC, he brought people from off the street and gave them wet rags to cover there faces and food. On his drive home, he picked people up along side of the road and drove them home. After one year the pain is still fresh and hurts like hell. I can not comprehend how certain people survived and certain people did not. When a person has a near death experience, you tell them GOD was watching over you and protecting you, what about the others? How do you look at a survior’s face and tell them your work on earth is not over yet and you have too much to live for. What about the lost? Why were they chosen to die for hatred? My faith is still strong, but I still have so many unanswered questions. GOD Bless America!!!


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