Unaware Happenings

Date Submitted: 08/08/2011
Author Info: Steven (East Boston, MA - USA) 
Occupation: Construction
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No
Knew someone who perished?: No

I was attending Dean College in Franklin, Massachusetts during this horrible event. My alarm clock went off at 6:30 am and the sunrise was shining through my dormroom window, one of the most beautifull sunrises i have ever seen. I was thinking about how this day was going to be a good one. My first class was video production 1 which was located on the first floor of dean hall, my dorm room was on the fourth. My class didn’t start till 8:45 on that tuesday morning. I wanted to get up early because i had to get an assighnment done which i did not finish from the night before. I ventured on down to the empty classroom and started my work.

Class started at the exact time and we started the curriculum. Shortley after 9:00 a classmate came in late and told everyone that a plane crashed into the WTC in NYC, at first i thought it was just a small cessna or any other small plane and didnt think it was a big deal, I was totally wrong about that !!!, I was unaware what was happening to my country outside of that classroom. After class i went outside for a smoke and noticed everyone talking about what was happening in new york and such, I did not have a lighter so i asked some random girl for one and asked “what the hell is happening around here “, she replied “you didnt hear ?, two commuter planes crashed into the WTC’s in new york and wiped out both buildings “. The shock was devistating, i didn’t get one drag off the ciggerete i was supposably smoking. I imediatly took a b line to the campus center and noticed that tv’s were one surrounded by faculty and students replaying the events over and over.

I couldnt beleive what i was seeing. I then saw my buddy and he said that another plane hit the pentagon. We both went to my dorm and put the tv on. Every channel including MTV and ESPN were locked on to the major news networks and downtown manhatten was a dust bowl. A few more of my friends then piled in and one of them said that another plane crashed in rural Pennsylvania. Our country was being attacked, and i was scared, truthfully !!. That was my story that i can remeber. I remember looking up at the sky and thinking why ?….Why would anyone ever want to do this to us….God Bless all of the victims of this horrible attack on our soil….Amen


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