Unexplained Urge to Pray

Date Submitted: 07/02/2004
Author Info: Tina (LaVergne, TN - USA) 
Occupation: Unemployed/Between Jobs
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No
Knew someone who perished?: No

I was on the road driving to a work seminar when our country was attacked. Since I was in between major cities, I had a hard time getting clear radio signals. I recall a short news snippet mentioning planes and the World Trade Center but did not hear the whole story so I was clueless about what was happening.

Since I couldn’t get clear radio signals anyway, I turned on my worship CDs and started singing and praising the LORD. This is when the strangest thing started happening to me. I suddenly felt the urging to start praying in tongues. For those of you who know nothing about this, it is a gift from GOD where you pray in a different language than your own and where the Holy Spirit prays through you for things you don’t know to pray about.

This was not my first time to experience this but it was unusual under the circumstances. I remember wanting to quit because I wanted to sing but felt like GOD was urging me to continue praying in this way.

It wasn’t until I got to the seminar that I found out we were attacked. It was then that I realized why Jesus had been so intent on me praying. I also remember thanking GOD that He had wooed me back to Him prior to September 11th so that I knew that I had a foundation that could not be shaken and that it didn’t matter if everything else around me fell apart, I would be alright as long as I stood on His Rock.


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