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Date Submitted: 09/09/2002
Author Info: Bonnie (Farmingville - USA) 
Occupation: Customer Service/Support
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No
Knew someone who perished?: Yes

I was working nights at the time this happened. I didn’t work Sunday nights-Monday mornings, so this was the beginning of my work week. That morning, I noticed that many of our usual customers were not in, and was told by a co-worker that many took a vacation. When I left work at 7 I went to McDonald’s by MacArthur Airport, and ate breakfast inside as I watched the morning commute go past on Veteran’s Highway. Some employees were discussing school and their majors, what careers they were embarking on. It was a typical day, warm, sunny, people going about their business in their normal matter. When I finished eating I went to the post office to get mailing labels for my mom – I had to wait until it opened at 8 to get them. I got home about 8:20, and played with my brother’s dog until about 9 or so. Then I went to bed.

I was awakened by my dad a little before 11. Apparently I was sleepwalking was in the hallway. My mom was going back to work – I thought she didn’t leave in the first place. My dad woke me up completely, and told me to go watch TV. I kind of looked at him weird, and ask “Why would I go watch TV?” He told me to just go watch it, he’ll be there in a second. So I went to the living room and sat down. I didn’t know what was going on, all I was was black smoke and newcasters comparing “This” to the 1993 bombing. My dad came into the room and sat down next to me, holding my brothers’ dog. We didn’t say anything for a minute, which seemed like forever. Then my dad said, “A plane flew into the World Trade Center, and a second plane into the second tower, and now they’re collapsing.” At first I thought there could be now way, and turned back to the the TV. Then they showed the second plane flying into the building and the fireball. My hand flew to my mouth, and eyes wide open I turned to my dad and just said, “Dad!!?” He just nodded, there was nothing to say.

We watched TV for the majority of the day together, my mom joining us when she left work early at 2. My aunt works at Deutsche Bank (which, if some people don’t know, it across the street. It’s the black building with the sheet on it, huge hole in the front, and the American flag on it as well). And my uncle works as a broker in one of the buildings with the green dome on top. We did not hear form either of them until 1 p.m. or so, because there was no way for them to contact us. MY uncle was getting breakfast at the time, my aunt was standing outside her building, she saw the whole entire thing happen firsthand. By pure miracle the both survived unscathed, though they both lost several friends.

The U.S. Government called twice. My brother was going into the Air Force, and his recruiter wanted to make sure everything was OK with our family. And my uncle is a pilot in the Air Force, based in N.C., that was the only way for him to get in contact with us as well.

I did not go into work that night, I couldn’t bring myself to going in. And I think God every day that my family survived (and I have relatives whole work in Washington D.C. who are doing fine as well.).


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