Wake-Up Call

Date Submitted: 03/29/2002
Author Info: Jim (Gainesville, GA - USA) 
Occupation: Internet Developer/Designer
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No
Knew someone who perished?: No

Note from WhereWereYouOn911.com:
It is unfortunate that the events of 9/11 often times bring out the worst of our anger and hatred, often initiated and amplified by our lack of exposure to other cultures. There is no doubt that many Muslims were also killed in this tragedy, and the actions of the terrorists have been denounced by Muslims around the globe as un-Islamic, and further study of Islamic beliefs will support this.

Hate crimes initiated by extremists of ALL religions occur within America every day, from bombings of Abortion clinics to physical assault based on orientation; we cannot support the idea that innocent members of any faith must suffer due to the actions of a few. In light of the post below we have to add that the feelings are solely an expression of the writer’s view, and in no way represent the views of WhereWereYouOn911.com staff.


I was self-employed on 9/11, so I was at home, just waking up and having my coffee. My wife was still asleep, I turned on CNN to catch the morning news. I was absolutely horrified at what I saw.

I knew then that America would never be the same. I also knew that there could be only one type of person who would perpetrate this type of attack.

To understand these terrorists’ actions, you must understand their motivations. Many people parallel 9/11 to Oklahoma City. This, I think, is an inaccurate comparison. Timothy McVeigh was motivated by hatred and distrust for what he saw to be a corrupt and self-serving government. The 9/11 scumbags were not only motivated by hatred for the government, but by hatred for every single American, and indeed, our way of life. Attacking the WTC is tantamount to attacking capitalism and the free enterprise system.

What amazes me is that, after the attack, there was a national outcry from the media to avoid any sort of stereotyping or “racism”. In my mind, there has never been a more justified reason to hate someone.

I know that I myself will never do business with, trust, or otherwise associate, professionally or personally, with a Muslim.

To say that all Muslims are evil is certainly ridiculous. Capitalism and the free enterprise system has served many of them very well, and *those* Muslims have no reason to bite the hand that feeds them.

If you threw a shark into a swimming pool and he ate someone, does that mean that all sharks are bad? Of course not. Does it mean that you’d try to avoid swimming with sharks in the future? I’d sure as hell hope so.

For me, there is no gray area. The lesson learned from 9/11 was a hard one, but one that I don’t think America has learned yet. The system that mistakenly allowed these people to enter this country lawfully is still in place. The 9/11 attackers had applied for visas before the attack, and their applications were actually APPROVED, *AFTER* the attack, after they were already DEAD. That should show America that our current system needs a little bit of work.


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