Was it a joke?

Date Submitted: 06/07/2009
Author Info: Bobby (Tolono, Il - USA) 
Occupation: Construction
Lived in NY on 9.11.01?: No
Knew someone who perished?: No

Like everyone else, it was just another day. Wake up, do the normal things before work, and then head to work. It was a beautiful morning in Illinois. The kind of skys you see in pictures.
I work on construction sites and on this particular job I was on, I had a foreman that loved to pull pranks on us. He would go to no end to get one over on you.
So there we were, working like normal and he comes around and tells us that a couple of planes had hit the WTC. He left s soon as he had said that, and we discused it for a few seconds and said ” nah, hes full of it”. It wasn’t a few mins later he told us about the pentagon and another plane. And again he left. We were sure he was just trying to pull a prank.
Another contractor answered his cell phone. “No way. Are you serious? what the **** is going on?” He looked at me with a look of fear. I pulled out my cell and called home. It wasn’t a prank.
We didnt have a TV there, but we all stood around a radio for the rest of the day. We were trying to put it together, like everyone else. It was a long day.
I had to get gas to make the hour trip back home. The gas station was packed. People were in a frenzy. I HAD to get gas. I remember it seemed like I was the only one driving. It took forever to get home though. I wanted to see the TV.
It was a long night. I was glued. I wanted info. I wanted answers. I’m pretty sure I didn’t sleep that night.
So it ends up, one of the most beautiful days that mother nature can give us, one of those days that you are supposed to enjoy, wasnt beautiful. It was lonely. It was scary.
This is my story. May everyone keep our fallen heros, our soildiers, our firefighters, our police, and medics in your prayers.


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